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Hi, I'm Mimi Jones 




Thanks for visiting my site. Here you'll find descriptions of my four completed projects, for which I'm currently exploring publication options: a feminist horror novel for the #MeToo era; a story of an intimate women's friendship undone by deceit and betrayal; a Civil War ghost story; and a memoir of love, loss, and ultimate hope in an animal shelter. 

I studied writing with E. L. Doctorow at Sarah Lawrence College and afterward chose publishing as my career. I started out at Viking Press book publishers  as an editorial assistant in charge of the slush pile -- the unsolicited, unagented manuscripts that publishers at that time were still willing to consider. Although Viking had accepted nothing from that source for twenty-seven years, as an idealistic aspiring writer I had hopes of finding a gem in the slush, and so I read anything that seemed to have promise. Thus I discovered and became the editor of the bestseller Ordinary People by Judith Guest. 

I moved to magazines and was a fiction editor at Redbook, and a senior editor specializing in book excerpts at Family Circle and Reader's Digest.  My feature articles have appeared in these and other magazines, and an excerpt from my novel Invented Lives was published in Embark literary journal in 2022. 

In 2008 I began working full-time on my own writing, and since then have created the kinds of stories that I myself would be enthralled to read. 

Hi, I'm Mimi Jones

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